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What are Content Pillars?

I’m back with another social media blog filled with tips that’ll help you create a strong social media strategy.

Today, we are talking about content pillars and how you can use them when planning your content.

So, what are content pillars?

Content pillars are topics that your platform focuses on. Your platform can be social media, blog, podcast, etc., wherever you create content. The number of topics really depends on the person and their accounts but I always suggest having between 3 and 5 pillars.

Content pillars allow you to focus on your niche, become consistent and organized and create content quicker. Being able to figure out what your pillars are will help you to determine what to post on each platform.

For example, my pillars are social media tips, public relations, event planning, travel and entrepreneurship. So across all of my social platforms, l share some form of content within those topics. It could be a carousel post filled with PR tips, a behind the scenes reel of me setting up an event, a YouTube video of my latest travel adventure, etc.

However, I don’t share the same content on every platform. As I mentioned in my last blog post, your content may not resonate with your audience on every social network. My YouTube is focused on social media tips, travel and a sprinkle of entrepreneurship. People subscribe and return to my YouTube for videos covering those topics. On the other hand, my Twitter is used mainly to highlight my YouTube videos (and now blog) and to join in on conversations surrounding current events.

If you are a content creator whose audience enjoys your travel content but not so much your fashion posts, there's a way you can combine the two so that you’re happy but you’re also giving your followers what they came to your page for.

Wondering how that can work? Think of your pillars as an org chart. Your main pillar would be travel but your sub pillar could be travel outfits. You can share what you’re wearing on the plane or maybe share your stylish beach #OOTD or even do a “pack with me” video. That allows you to still include your fashion element while keeping travel your main focus. Another sub pillar can be “things to do” in whichever city you’re visiting. Your things to do posts can include your favorite local restaurants, the best beaches in the area or even your favorite places to shop in that city.

Now in order to really benefit, you want to make sure your pillars are written down somewhere. Whether it's in your notes app, a Google sheet, or maybe even a Post-It wall.

Instead of having to figure out what to post about each time, you can simply pull ideas from your pillars, making posting less of a headache.

So go ahead and implement content pillars into your social media strategy to make your life easier!

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