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What’s New with Instagram? Instagram Updates You Should Know

What isn’t new with Instagram?! It seems every day Instagram is coming out with a new update which is why I started the “What’s New with Instagram?” series on my YouTube channel. Every month I do a roundup of the latest updates and changes Instagram has introduced throughout that month.

In past episodes, we’ve covered how you can get paid going live, how to remix reels, why it’s important to not have the TikTok watermark on your Instagram Reel, SEO keyword search and SO much more.

This latest episode was the biggest one yet! I featured a total of 13 updates…usually it’s no more than 5-10. There were still some updates I didn’t even get to talk about. Instagram has been busy, okay!

Some of the updates include how to delete a post from your carousel post AFTER you’ve uploaded it, how to schedule your Instagram Live and even how to go live with no one in your “audience.” You can learn more about the other updates by watching the video below.

To stay updated with what’s going on with Instagram and to just get helpful social media tips to improve your brand’s online presence, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I upload a new video every Thursday!

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